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How to Edit Google Docs on iPad Easily?

One of major reforms for iOS devices is that a familiar file system for storing and accessing documents, services like Google Doc comes into use from the Apple tablet computer, and they make a lot of sense too. This new mobile feature for Google Docs lets you compose and edit documents while on the go.

Google Docs also allows to store things in a million places and some other popular portable devices like Android smart phone and iPhone. While there are only two types of Google Docs can be edited from the mobile site. And you can open them, edit them, share them, print them and so on as you desired.

Guide: How do I Edit Google Docs on iPad Freely

Step 1: Find the Safari icon and tap it, located in the lower left corner of the home screen, open Safari browser on your iPad.

Step 2: Type "docs.google.com" in the URL address field and tap the "Go" button next to the input website address.

Step 3: Just tap the content that you want to edit, or press the "Document Editor" icon near the upper-right corner. If you want to create a new document, just select "Spreadsheet" or "Document" on the next page. These are the only two file types you can edit on the mobile Google Docs site. While editing slide show presentations is excluded.

edit google docs on an ipad

Step 4: Press the "Edit" button near the upper-right corner. Move anywhere in the document and begin typing when the iPad virtual keyboard pops up. Periodically, Google Docs allows to save the documents automatically.

Tips: Unless converting the Word version of a file to the native Google Docs format, you can open it for editing on an iPad. Or you can also open the file in Google Docs' read-only mode on the iPad to make a Google Docs version.

There will undoubtedly be improvements to work with Office files on an iPad. It is well worth waiting for Google Docs having more powerful editing functions!

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