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How to Copy iPad to Mac with iPad to Mac Transfer?

Maybe you've never had many problems with transferring files from Mac to iPad with iTunes, but now you have to be faced with the challenge to copy files from iPad to Mac, because iTunes is just a one-way application tool and can not help iPad users to backup iPad to Mac. If you are looking for ways to transfer iPad to Mac, you need a bidirectional program to do that.

iPad to Mac Transfer is a good bidirectional software to transfer and backup files between iPad and Mac. Here we will show the guide on how to copy iPad to Mac with it, but at the beginning, please free download the transfer via the link below. If you want to have more alternatives, please try this iPad to Mac.

free download to transfer photos from ipad to mac

Note: If you are using Windows instead, here is the Backup iPad to PC.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Copy iPad to Mac

Step 1: Connect and Launch
After you download the software for free, go ahead to install and run it on your Mac, and connect your iPad to Mac, you will see the iPad information such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format are shown on the main interface.

guide on how to copy ipad to mac

Step 2: Backup iPad to Mac
1). Click the icon under the iPad library list, and choose the needed files on the library panel.
2). Choose the "Export -> Export to local" option on the "File" top-menu, or directly click "Export checked files to local" to sync iPad to Mac.

select files to backup ipad to mac

Step 3: Finish Moving iPad to Mac
Select a target folder for saving iPad in the dialog box that pops up, and press the "Save" button.

save to copy files from ipad to mac

Knowing how to copy iPad to mac has much benefit, it can be for backing up, playback, and so on. Now you can free download the iPad to Mac Transfer to get any help.

free download to transfer photos from ipad to mac

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